Glass Blowing Classes in Cleveland, Ohio

The Glass Bubble Project is a working studio and classroom for artists and students who need a creative atmosphere to practice and create blown glass works of art. The studio is a space where students learn the craft of glass blowing while working together with other local artists.

Call us to schedule a class or to use the studio space. PLEASE NOTE: Class availability and scheduling is processed by phone only. Please do not email a request for time. Classes are scheduled around your time frame. The studio is open every day. Demonstration days are on Saturdays from noon to 3PM, but you can come in any day to observe us working except and holidays.

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Introduction to Glass Blowing
You will start by learning the basics of glass blowing including how to work safely in the studio, how to gather from the furnace and how to use the primary tools. Your first exercise will be to make a paper weight which will help you get comfortable with working with glass. Next, you will learn to make two vessels. The class is 1.5 hours long for one person and 2.5 hours long for 2 people. Each person will make approximately 3 pieces each. The cost is $125 per person. You will get to keep what you make. Remember, the more people the merrier. With more participants, class price per person goes down; ranging from $40-100 per person
Group Classes
Group classes, glass blowing parties and corporate glass blowing classes are available. Prices range from $40 to $80 per person. Bring your own food and drink. Call 216-696-7043 for more information.
Children's Classes
Glass blowing classes are available for children ages 6 and up (we wont check IDís) $40-125.
Welding Classes
We will help you to learn the basics of welding and how to work safely with the equipment. We encourage you to bring your own metal, although we have metal in the studio available to use. Come to us with your ideas and we can help you build it. We do not offer certification or licensing. The class costs $75 per person and lasts roughly 2 hours .

Other options and pricing available (including Hand Casting).

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2421 Bridge Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 696-7043